BLE hardware-less hackme

Bluetooth Low Energy hardware-less hackme

SÅ‚awomir Jasek

5 minute read

Bluetooth Low Energy hardware-less HackMe is a free tool that aims to help getting familiar with the very basics of ubiquitous Bluetooth Low Energy technology and its (in)security - without the need of any dedicated hardware, nor sophisticated prior knowledge. It is based on a specially designed software (running on a typical Windows 10 laptop) - which simulates various BLE devices, on the radio layer working exactly the same as real ones. Hands-on challenges of increasing level - starting with simple introduction up to unlocking smart locks - allow for practical experience, the best possible way to learn.

HackInTheBox Cyberweek 2020 virtual lab

Practical introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy security - hands-on without any special hardware

During upcoming HITB Cyberweek 2020’s 2 hour virtual hands-on lab “introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy security”, a new BLE HackMe will be introduced. It is an educational application which simulates various BLE devices to interact with, running on a standard Windows 10 computer (no special hardware required). In a series of tasks to solve you will get familiar with BLE advertisements, beacons, connections, take control over BLE smart bulb, reverse-engineer the communication protocol, brute force passwords, and hack real smart lock. An Android phone which will connect to the simulated device is recommended for solving the tasks.