Deepsec training

Smart lockpicking - hands-on exploiting contemporary locks and access control systems



There is no doubt electronic locks are among the most profitable smart devices to attack. And yet recent disclosures of multiple vulnerabilities clearly show there are not enough specialists able to help with software-related issues of so-far mostly hardware vendors. This course is intended to fill this skills gap. Based on hands-on exercises with real devices (a dozen various smart locks), attendees will learn how to analyze their security and design them properly.

Brucon workshop

Hacking Bluetooth Smart Locks (4h workshop)

Ghent, Belgium


Recently it seems our home/car/bicycle locks have started to follow a new trend: to include a BLE chip inside to make them “smart”. Unlike smart toothbrushes, socks or kettles, locks guard our safety, and their security should be much more of a concern. Vendors promise “military-grade level of security”, “128-bit encryption” and “cryptographic key exchange protocol” using “latest PKI technology”. However, recent disclosures of multiple vulnerabilities in smart locks clearly contradict the assurances on the actual security provided, and raise the question of whether these devices have passed any independent security assessments at all!

HackInParis training

Smart lockpicking - hands-on exploiting IoT devices based on access control systems



Learn how to assess and secure IoT devices by having fun with hacking a dozen of devices among most profitable to attack - smart locks. The agenda will include: wireless sniffing, spoofing, cloning, replay, DoS, authentication and command-injection attacks, analyzing proprietary network protocols, breaking “Latest PKI technology”, abusing excessive services… The software-focused activities will be mixed with short entertaining tricks like opening lock by a strong magnet, counterfeiting fingerprints in biometric sensor or opening voice-controlled lock by hacking nearby speaking toys.