Have fun and learn how to secure the devices - by hands-on hacking BLE, NFC/RFID, embedded hardware, based on smart locks, access control systems and other high risk deices.

HITB SecTrain online BLE training

A practical introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy security: 2-day online training


HITB SecTrain 2021

The training has been prepared for remote hands-on participation. Each attendee will receive a hardware pack of 200 USD value, shipped in advance (please register as soon as possible!). The hardware includes among others a preconfigured Android smartphone, BLE sniffer, BLE dedicated training device and Raspberry Pi (details below). With the specially arranged setup, participants will be able to perform hands-on practical exercises not only during virtual session but also any time later.

Bluetooth Low Energy HackMe: the best way to learn BLE security basics while having fun!

Bluetooth Low Energy HackMe is is a free, open source tool: hands-on practical introduction to BLE security - without the need of any special hardware. Application simulates various BLE devices using your laptop's built-in Bluetooth adapter. You can actively learn by solving practical hacking challenges using nothing more than just a phone.

SÅ‚awomir Jasek

6 minute read

Bluetooth Low Energy hardware-less HackMe is a free tool that aims to help getting familiar with the very basics of ubiquitous BLE technology and its (in)security - without the need of any dedicated hardware, nor sophisticated prior knowledge. It is based on a specially designed software (running on a typical Windows 10 laptop) - which simulates various BLE devices, on the radio layer working exactly the same as real ones. Hands-on challenges of increasing level - starting with simple introduction up to unlocking smart locks - allow for practical experience, the best possible way to learn.