HackInTheBox Cyberweek 2020 virtual lab

Practical introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy security - hands-on without any special hardware: online workshop

During upcoming HITB Cyberweek 2020’s 2 hour virtual hands-on lab “introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy security”, a new BLE HackMe will be introduced. It is an educational application which simulates various BLE devices to interact with, running on a standard Windows 10 computer (no special hardware required). In a series of tasks to solve you will get familiar with BLE advertisements, beacons, connections, take control over BLE smart bulb, reverse-engineer the communication protocol, brute force passwords, and hack real smart lock. An Android phone which will connect to the simulated device is recommended for solving the tasks.

HackInParis 2019 workshops

Cracking Mifare Classic on the cheap; A 45min introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy


HackInParis 2019 workshops

During upcoming HackInParis 2019 I will present a series of introductory workshops about security of NFC Mifare Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy. The workshops are short (45min each session), but packed with practical knowledge and hopefully entertaining - performed on a real access control installation, hotel lock and BLE smart locks. Most hands-on exercises will be possible to complete using just a phone, and easy to follow.