HackInTheBox Cyberweek 2020 virtual lab

Practical introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy security - hands-on without any special hardware: online workshop

During upcoming HITB Cyberweek 2020’s 2 hour virtual hands-on lab “introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy security”, a new BLE HackMe will be introduced. It is an educational application which simulates various BLE devices to interact with, running on a standard Windows 10 computer (no special hardware required). In a series of tasks to solve you will get familiar with BLE advertisements, beacons, connections, take control over BLE smart bulb, reverse-engineer the communication protocol, brute force passwords, and hack real smart lock. An Android phone which will connect to the simulated device is recommended for solving the tasks.

HackInTheBox Singapore (online) training

Bluer Oceans: Attacking BLE, NFC, HCE and more

Online (Singapore timezone)

HITB Conference

The training has been updated for remote hands-on participation. Each attendee will receive a hardware pack worth over 300 USD shipped to you in advance (please register as soon as possible!). The hardware includes among others Proxmark 3, Chameleon Tiny, a rooted Android smartphone, BLE sniffer, BLE dedicated training device and Raspberry Pi (details below). With the specially arranged setup (simulated, working exactly like real NFC and BLE devices), participants will be able to perform hands-on practical exercises remotely – BLE analysis (sniffing, intercepting), cloning and cracking multiple kinds of proximity cards, analysing BLE or NFC mobile applications – not only during training but also any time later.