HackInParis 2019 training

Attacking and securing BLE and NFC/RFID devices based on smart locks and access control systems


HackInParis 2019

During this training we will focus on two technologies implemented very commonly in various IoT devices, including among others smart locks and access control systems : BLE and NFC/RFID. Bluetooth Low Energy (Smart, 4) is one of the most popular and rapidly growing IoT technologies. Unfortunatelly the prevalence of technology does not come with security, and the knowledge on how to comprehensively assess such devices seems very uncommon. This training aims to address this need.

HackInTheBox Amsterdam 2019 training

Blue Oceans: Advanced Attacks Against BLE, NFC, HCE and more


HITB Conference

Bluetooth Low Energy is one of the most exploding IoT technologies. BLE devices surround us more and more - not only as wearables, toothbrushes and sex toys, but also smart locks, medical devices and banking tokens. Alarming vulnerabilities of these devices have been exposed multiple times recently. And yet, the knowledge on how to comprehesively assess their security seems very uncommon. Not to mention best practices guidelines, which are practically absent.

HackInParis 2018 training

Smart lockpicking - hands-on exploiting flaws in IoT devices based on electronic locks and access control systems



You can, quite reasonably, expect smart locks and access control systems to be free from alarming security vulnerabilities - such a common issue for an average IoT device. Well, this training will prove you wrong. After performing multiple hands-on exercises with a dozen of real devices and various technologies, you will never look at the devices the same way. During this course students will perform: wireless sniffing, spoofing, cloning, replay, DoS, authentication and command-injection attacks.